• Brushy Creek Motor Farm - Royse City Visit and Review

    We had that the chance to visit Brushy Creek Motor Farm today, 4-03-11, the park began when the owner acuired the property back in 1998. The owners made a MX track for their personal use and people began helping themselves, pulling up and riding thinking it was free. So....they began charging a fee which is now $10 per ATV/Offroad vehicle, and $5 per additional rider. No RV hookups are available, but you can primitive camp for $10 a night. Once we pulled in and parked, the owner Julie greeted us, she is a very friendly person, we payed and signed a waver. She told us that the flat pasture part where the park was about a third of their land, the rest of trails back in the woods were the other two thirds. She directed us to the porta potties(which had TP) and said if we plan on getting on the track, that helmets were required. Also, helmets are required for minor's by the way. I did not catch how many acres the property was, but I am guessing 120 to 200 acres.

    Upon entering you see the a large piece of land with varied trails, and a nice MX track to your left. The jumps on the track allow for lots of air for you motorcycle riders. If the owner does not come to you, there is a small mobile home setup on the property where you can go pay your dues. The image below shows one of the mud holes surrounded by the MX track.

    The best mud holes are pretty close to the front, the mud was very thick, however the holes did not seem to be too deep. You can ride through most of them without a snorkel, but as you can see from the youtube video at the bottom of this page for larger crossings, a well sealed snorkel is a necessity. Scott and his snorkeled Rincon somehow still got water in the airbox, he killed it and saved the ATV, but we took a few minutes to drain and check everything out.

    Some of the trails are pretty technical as you dip up and down through steep creek revenes, care must be taken on tire placement, or you can find yourself with the rubber side up. As the land is limited in space, you will find yourself doublebacking or making quite a few tight turns around trees. As you get further back in the woods, the trails narrow quite a bit, which can be a problem for side by sides. The wider trails are around the MX area and a a few of the main paths leading back to the woods.

    If you have a stock ATV or a 2WD, do not let the mud it stop you from bringing it out here, the ruts are not too deep and there are plenty of dry trails and a few jumps. The property was clean and maintained very well, they are open 7 days a week, just have to calll in advance on weekdays.

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    Their contact information is as follows:
    972 524 2526 Best # to call
    469 867 1316 Julie's Cell
    469 688 4589 Russ's Cell
    972 636 9435 Land Line