• Red River Motorcycle Trails Trip - Muenster, TX

    On February 26th, 2012, my neighbor(David) and I had the pleasure to visit Red River Motorcycle Trails near Muenster, TX right on the Texas-Oklahoma border(not Red River ATV Park in Bonham). The area is actually closer to Bulcher, TX but with a population of 6, it is not as recognizable as Muenster. Red River Motorcycle Trails has been open since 1972 and is the oldest park of its kind in Texas. This was my first time here and his first time bringing an ATV to the park. It is right at a 2 hour drive from where we live which put us arriving at 10:30 AM. Red River Motorcycle Trails has been host of the "Red Bull Last Man Standing" 2005,2006, and 2007 in the past.

    We arrived to find a bustling house with folks eager to pay the $15 dollar fee, sign a waiver, and hit the dirt. Hey, we even got our own little wrist band just like at the water park. I had previously read some negative reviews regarding rudeness among the owners. Although they did not offer any back rubs, the accusations proved false for this visit. We easily found parking space with a private picnic table, unloaded the quads and pulled out our big boy boots.

    My ATV was a stock 2011 Honda Rancher 420 with a 2" lift, I removed my 30" Gorilla Silverbacks given that most of the terrain was sand and rocks. He brought a TRXHonda 400cc, mostly stock with some Mudlite's on the rear.

    The pictures below are some of the initial views you will see after unloading, it is mostly a sandy area and lots of small clear creek areas, jumps, donut holes, and hills. So much to see, so little time. The Rancher bogged down some in the thicker sand, and got stuck once in a "quicksand" like area near a stream right off the bat. However, there is probably not enough sand to justify bringing paddle tires once you get up in the hills.

    The gods were shining down upon us this day, it was cool with a refreshing breeze, and the sun radiated just enough to warm the skin. One of the rules is "Stay on the Trails" we quickly found that there are unlimited trails in every direction and we found it easy to get lost and turned around. There is LOTS of elevation change throughout the trail system which keeps the ride interesting.

    A few of the trails are showing their age burrowed four and five feet deep into the earth over the years. We received rain in the area about a week prior to this trip so it really opened up every possible trail scenario with minimal dust. As stated before, most of the park terrain is sand and rocks, sorry mud buddies, leave your 29.5"outlaws at home.....that is unless you want to hang out at the river all day. For our mudders, a 3 mile stretch along the red river with countless streams offer some pretty good mud and quick sand. But I think this park shines because of the awesome trail system, not the river mudding.

    This park offered many straight aways to really get the wind blowing through your hair, straight aways with whoop-te-doos, and straight aways with jumps. As we moved into the "meat" of the trails, we found ourselves surrounded by wilderness with no one in site despite the busy camp. Every 30 minutes or so we may see a few ATV's or motorcycles, but this is really a nice place just to come relax and let off some steam.

    Get ready for some challenging climbs, drops, and off-camber trails that can flip an ATV with a lift kit! Yes, I had trouble keeping the rubber side down, and yes, some of the trails are that difficult. The sport ATV had much better footing on the inclines than a utility ATV. But I think the 4x4 was able to climb up the rocky areas a little better than the 2x4. Some trails were flat out impassable and even turned around on a few trails that offered a little too much challenge than our bodies were ready for.

    From a motorcyclist perspective, it is hands down the best in Texas, we found it to be a great place for ATV's and a decent place to bring side by sides. Most of the trails are too narrow for side by sides, but there are a few main trails you can stay on to get around the park if you have a shiny Polaris Razor in your garage that needs a layer of dirt on it.

    Overall, The rolling hills across this 3000 acre park is like going to Disney World for an outdoor enthusiast. Creek crossings, rocky areas, small mud holes, big mud holes, roots, elevation, and just about anything else you can think of for only $15 a day. The only negative I could find with Red River is NOT ALLOWING NIGHT RIDING which can be a show stopper for planning that camping trip. If dusk hits at 6PM, guess what you will be sitting there at camp till dawn.....

    Hope you enjoyed the write up.

    More pictures from this trip are posted at the link below: