• 2013 ATV Mud Nationals - Mud Creek Park, Jacksonville, TX

    One of the largest mud pits found at Mud Creek Offroad park. Hope you have mud tires and a lift kit to tackle this one!

    A last minute decision to attend the 2013 ATV Mud Nationals @ Mud Creek Park in Jacksonville was a success. I tried to find the gumption to stay two days, but being by myself and not 20 years old anymore, I decided to make it a one day event. The festivities lasted March 20th - 24th, 2013, I attended on March 21st.

    The park is packed with all kinds of terrain, you can experience groomed trails, elevation changes, and most of all, plenty of mud! These events are particularly fun just to see the machines people bring out, the relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy the trails/woods. One thing that has changes the last few years are the introduction of the side by side (UTV), they are very common now. Also, ATV's and UTV's all have some type of stereo system, some will flat blow your socks off they are so loud. Matter of fact, one event they had was decibel testing the sound system to see who has the loudest.

    Everyone that I ran into was very nice and helpful, ate some awesome brisket from the vendor next to the stage. I did not make it to the vendor area this year, but you can have everything but your taxes done out there. Need a stereo installed? Exhaust? Need some new CV joints? Need a new ATV? The local dealers have shops set up and will fix your ATV should you tear it up in one of these bottomless holes.

    Enjoy the video below of the highlights that I experienced there, the video was taken mostly with a GoPro Hero2 and iPhone5.

    Side by side stuck hard!

    If you would like to make plans to come out for the 2014 Highlifter Mud Nationals if it (If it is located at Mud Creek), I would recommend coming early. The camping areas get roped off pretty quick as everyone makes space for their friends coming in later. Make plans to drive in on Wednesday, or as early as possible Thursday. If you have a giant RV, it may be tight finding a spot to park on Friday or Saturday.

    Don't have a 4x4 truck? No worries, if you have a car/van/suv with street tires, most of the trails in the camp area are flat and groomed. I had no problem navigating with my 2x4 Ford Freestar with street tires.

    They have showers on-site (which I did not visit) and many porta potties located through the camping areas. You may want to have a "contingency roll" handy should you get blindsided out in the middle of no where.

    Jacksonville, TX is located about 25 miles south of Tyler, TX. Offroading at Mud Creek Park is open weekends year round if you would just like to pack up your ATV and come for a visit. $10 per person and $10 per ATV on non-event weekends. You and your quad will enjoy 3700 acres of fun in the woods in some of East Texas's pertiest area.
    Images like this are what you can expect when visiting Mud Creek park, 3700 acres of this!