• Badlands 2500 ATV Winch install on a 2011 Honda Rancher Video

    I could not pass up the chance to try out this low cost winch, it is loud and slow, but it works! I went ahead and created a video of the installation incase it helps others wanting to save some money, but have a winch available just in case. In Texas, we do not need a snow plow, so it will not get that type heavy usage. Those looking at this winch heavy snow clearing may want to pay a little more and get one that will last a bit longer. It comes with a 90 day warranty, you can purchase a one year warranty for $19, but that is 40% the cost of the winch so it did not make financial since to purchase their plan.

    The things I like about it is the simple install, the only control is a wireless remote that works up to 20ft away. Very straight forward wiring directly to the battery, and with the right plate, it should fit easily in the front bumper of any ATV as the winch is rather small.

    Figuring out install and quick review of the winch as I go on a 2011 Honda Rancher independent suspension ATV. My goal was to get a winch installed on this ATV to have for emergencies on a budget. This Badlands, fit the bill.
    winch $59 - bought locally
    Mounting Plate $41 - amazon, free shipping
    Aluminum Fairlead $17 - bought locally
    Zip Ties $2
    3/8 Cable Protector $2
    Total Cost of install $121.00!

    2500 LBs Badlands ATV Winch - http://www.harborfreight.com/2500-lb...rol-61297.html
    ATV / utility Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
    KFI 100705 Winch Mount for Honda Rancher